To give the most excellent experience to your customers, let us help you to simplify all the complicated!

Table Management

Order can be made anywhere on the premises, on our mobile ordering app will give the flexibility to your business.

Detailed Report

All detailed report shown real-time data to give you the upper hand to analyse daily performance of your business from your personal computer or mobile device. This feature is provided so you can further improved your business.

Business Booster

KAOLAPOS will help you boost your business by helping you reach your existing and potential customer.

Loyalty Management

Cherish your customers with loyalty programs, discounts and promotions to make sure you’re their top choice when hungry.

Smooth Order Management

Make the order stream tidy between your terminal and kitchen. Let your kitchen create the best experience for your customer.

Easy Pay

Payments can be chaotic during rush hour. Payment features such as split bills, tips, and surcharges are performed in breeze.