Pizzeria is a very popular and lucrative business. Detailed operation and swiftness are required!


Customer Management

Knowing the customer number, address and previous purchase history is a must for Pizza businesses.

Delivery Tracking

Choosing the courier and the courier tracking is part of our service.

Business Booster

KAOLAPOS will help you boost your business by helping you reach your existing and potential customer.

Loyalty Management

Cherish your customers with loyalty programs, discounts and promotions to make sure you’re their top choice when hungry.

Kitchen Display

Streamline your order and food preparation processes with our handy Kitchen Display Screen. Not only does it eliminate the use of paper in your kitchens, it has the ability to group identical items so that your staff will be able to prepare them at the same time.

Automated Promotion

Recurring treat on selected days?Let us set it up automatically in your behalf!