To run multiple stores and maintain quality is never been an easy thing to do! Let us help!


Menu Management

To minimize miscommunication centralised menu can be created!

Multiple Store Report

Make sure all stores are accounted and well cared of. As a franchise owner, ensuring that stores are not underperforming is a big part of the job. KAOLAPOS will help you to do it!

Business Booster

KAOLAPOS will help you boost your business by helping you reach your existing and potential customer.

Loyalty Management

Cherish your customers with loyalty programs, discounts and promotions to make sure you’re their top choice when hungry.

Integrated Loyalty

Everyone loves a good loyalty program. When integrated loyalty feature, you’ll be able to reward your customers by allowing them to earn points every time they spend at any of your stores!

Privacy Control

Get the summary of all your franchisee and decide the report that can only be seen by you!